Footwear And Fun Latest Shopping App Provider Ranking Favors Fast Fashion

Latest Shopping App Provider Ranking Favors Fast Fashion, Footwear And Fun

June 15, 2021 at 01:55PM

What will happen to the action in shopping apps now that we’re on the verge of losing that COVID-era fig leaf ­— the face mask? It’s a good question, and there is data to draw upon.

PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps reveals spry agility in the apps of the top names in app eCommerce heading into summer 2021. While some ties have been broken and some names have changed, the rankings speak well for app-based buying writ large.

Let’s see what’s transpired since we met in this space a month ago.

The Top 5

How do they do it? Up against the world’s worthiest competitors, yet somehow the SHEIN fast-fashion app holds that No. 1 spot as if they’d made a deposit. Amazing story (for another time).

To illustrate SHEIN’s David and Goliath resilience, at No. 2 and hot on their heels (at last in PYMNTS’ rankings) is Amazon, which just introduced fun third-party subscription boxes.

Also seeming to settle in, at No. 3 in this case, is Walmart — at retail war with the global enterprise currently-ranked at No. 2 company and previously named. Starts with an “A.” The two are at contretemps trying to control most of eCommerce. We try not to fan the flames.

A tie persists at No. 4 between China-based behemoths, with the Alibaba mobile marketplace app sharing that space for another cycle with AliExpress, owned by Alibaba Group.

Here’s something new: a fresh face at No. 5 as the Nike app rises one spot to enter the hallowed upper reaches of the Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps Top 5.

Welcome, and, just for fun, allow us to add: “swoosh.”

The Top 10

The Wish eCommerce app falls a spot to land at No. 6 this cycle, while eCommerce early riser eBay sticks at No. 7 for another month.

Up one chart position from last month is the Fetch Rewards app at No. 8.

Another tie at No. 9 as the Joom fashion app rises one spot and Poshmark topples two chart positions to end up neck-and-neck.

We love a new entry, so here we go: it’s IKEA, assembling itself at No. 10 at closing out this Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps.

Now do your part for the recovery: get out your phone and buy something.