Mobile Order-Ahead App Rankings Already Getting Crowded For Summer

Mobile Order-Ahead App Rankings Already Getting Crowded For Summer

June 08, 2021 at 02:00PM

When last we met in this space to update PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps, we could tell something was up. It’s called “The Top 10,” yet last month we ranked 13 apps. This month, it’s swollen to 16 apps, with tied scores galore.

For all the talk of mobile order-ahead (MOA) slowing as on-premises dining becomes a widely available option through this summer, we’re just not seeing it in the rankings. If anything, it looks like more people are downloading more apps and having more food delivered.

Some things are just too good to give up, and it seems MOA is among them.

Doubtful? Read on. You’ll be ravenous before getting halfway through.

The Top Five

Ties, ties and more ties. It’s like the men’s department at Barney’s NYC circa 1995.

We start right at the top, as a two-way tie finds Domino’s at No. 1, where it sits having coffee and a slice with No. 2, Starbucks. It’s a surprisingly tasty combo.

Dropping to No. 2 is the Dunkin’ app, breaking the three-way tie at No. 1 from last month.

No. 3 goes to Taco Bell alone this time — no sharing — but it’s a different story at No. 4, as we have three of those on the menu. The Chick-Fil-A and Panera Bread apps cozy up at No. 4 with Wingstop — the latter rising two chart positions to enter the top five and join the party.

And it does sound like a rather well-catered party.

Our tie at No. 5 this cycle is between the Chipotle and Pizza Hut apps, both of which are undergoing revamps of drive-thrus and other aspects of their respective MOA experiences.

That’s your top five. And we’re moving on.

The Top 10

Burger King gets No. 6 all to its lonesome, but not so for rival McDonald’s.

The McDonald’s app rises a spot to No. 7, tied there with Papa John’s Pizza this cycle.

Sonic moves up two chart positions from last month to take No. 8, while a newcomer joins the Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps, and it’s the SHEETZ app leaping into the top 10 at No. 9. Welcome. We’d offer normally fresh food made to order, but they’ve got plenty.

Finishing off the top 10 are two familiar names we haven’t seen in a while.

Tied at No. 10 this month are the Shake Shack and Subway apps, neither of which charted last month. For those of you playing along with the home version of the Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps, that was 16 apps in one top 10.

If it was a burrito, it would weigh 40 pounds and cost $200. But it’s just the rankings. No charge.