Nothing Speculative In The Latest Cryptocurrency App Provider Ranking

Nothing Speculative In The Latest Cryptocurrency App Provider Ranking

June 04, 2021 at 02:00PM

Having a great crypto app ranking is like being the first kid on your block to have the coolest thing imaginable. Not that crypto is the coolest thing imaginable, but it’s up there.

Yes, we saw the news about the ransomware attacks on ferry boats and meatpacking plants in recent days. That’s the downside of crypto. We’re here for the good stuff, and good it is.

Whether you want to hold crypto or spend it, as they say, there’s an app for that. PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps echoes the searing action in digital asset classes and the exchanges they run on right now. Speculative though it may be, crypto has captured the public imagination — and despite recent news of some instability among cryptos, it’s not dampening the enthusiasm of corporations or individuals from participating.

We take you now to the crypto app rankings already in progress…

The Top Five

No change at the very peak of this ranking, as the three-way tie for No. 1 continues between crypto competitors Binance, Coinbase and

Keeping to No. 2 for another cycle is the Voyager app.

At No. 3, we find KuCoin rising one chart position, as does the Kraken Pro app at No. 4, which was tied at No. 5 last month.

Falling two spots but keeping that coveted No. 5 chart position this go-around is Blockchain Wallet, finishing out the top five for this Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps.

The Top 10

As we progress, here’s the Gemini app at No. 6, down one spot from the last cycle.

Now for a surprise: It’s the BitMart app, flying into the top 10 to grab No. 7. Welcome.

Huobi — Buy & Sell Bitcoin holds fast at No. 8 for another month, while we find Singapore-based Phemex tumbling two spots to land at No. 9, but sticking like glue to the rankings.

Bit of a tumble as the CEX.IO app falls a dizzying four spots to occupy No. 10, completing this top 10 Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps.

Until next time, crypto-keepers, keep it going.