Payments Company Square Launches In Ireland

Payments Company Square Launches In Ireland

May 20, 2021 at 09:23PM

San Francisco-based Square said that its services are now available in Ireland, its first country in the Eurozone. The company said in a press release that its software, payments and hardware products will work for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as big companies.

Square is widely known for helping SMBs and the self-employed make credit card transactions without a cash register or an expensive device or software. The company’s CEO Jack Dorsey also heads up Twitter.

Brian Nolan of Gerard’s Deli & Mingles Ice Cream of Ireland said his company has been using Square’s suite of products at two locations and is looking to use the payments company at all 10. “Having a point-of-sale system with integrated payments and omnichannel solutions has revolutionized the way we’re able to run our multi-location business.” He said that Gerard’s, which switched to Square during the COVID-19 crisis, is now poised for growth as the pandemic ebbs.

“At Square, our growth is directly tied to our customers’ growth – we all succeed together,” said Alyssa Henry, Square’s executive vice president. She said the goal is to help merchants “run their entire business end-to-end with integrated software, hardware and data analytics, while making it easier for them to take card payments.” Square said it takes care of fraud prevention, dispute management, security and compliance at no additional cost.

Earlier this month, Square unveiled three new developer tools, including early access to the Snippets API (application programming interface) for Square Online. The company said this will allow developers to craft specially designed plugins — something larger organizations, in particular, were seeking.

“Our developer platform plays a critical role in … serving larger sellers, which is one of Square’s fastest-growing seller segments,” said Matthew O’Connor, who leads Square’s partner and developer platform. “The larger the merchant, the greater the need for customization — enabling more developers to build diverse solutions on top of our platform will become an increasingly important part of serving those unique and varied needs.”