Few Demotions In Latest Payroll App Provider Ranking Some Raises

Some Raises, Few Demotions In Latest Payroll App Provider Ranking

June 03, 2021 at 03:03PM

In late May, gig economy app Fiverr announced that freelancers on the platform have collectively earned more than $2 billion. We have a separate Provider Ranking for gig apps, yet they move in similar circles as payroll apps, and Fiverr’s triumph hints at the broader footprint.

That said, our Provider Ranking of Payroll Apps is often short work for PYMNTS statisticians as this particular grouping sticks to “established” chart positions month to month more than most.

Don’t read that and think, “nothing to see here.” There is — if one reads between rankings.

Let’s do.

The Top 5

We could almost cut-and-paste last month’s top 4 apps as they haven’t budged, but we’ve never taken the easy way here and we’re not starting with something important — like payroll.

At No. 1 again it’s Paychex Flex, followed as last time at No. 2 by the Paycor app. Paycor filed a $100 million IPO in April after landing $270 million in funding back in January.

No. 3 is Alliance MyPay, another repeat, with Square Payroll still seated squarely at No. 4.

Bet you didn’t see this one coming: we’ve got a new name entering the Top 5 at No. 5, and it’s the Zenefits human resource information system (HRIS) app. Welcome to the Top 5. Orientation packets and official “Top 5” jackets are shipped on alternating Thursdays, unless it rains.

The Top 10

Change is interesting even when it’s downward, as is the case this month with the TriNet full-service HR app, dropping one spot to No. 6.

Unchanged at No. 7 is popular QuickBooks Payroll, recently integrated with The Bookkeeper360 App to bring its functionalities to millions more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Here’s an unexpected changeup: the RUN Powered By ADP app, falling three precipitous chart positions to land at No. 8 this month. ADP introduced its RollTM by ADP® payroll app for small business owners back in February. We’ll see in coming months if (and where) the app charts.

Holding its ground again at No. 9 is the Rippling HR management app.

The mystical-sounding Payrollguru app favored by many SMBs seems content at No. 10 yet again. Maybe it’s a Zen thing. Whatever else it is, that’s the Provider Ranking of Payroll Apps.