Tripadvisor Rolls Out Subscription Service

Tripadvisor Rolls Out Subscription Service

June 16, 2021 at 06:27PM

As tourism recovers around the world, Tripadvisor is offering customers in the U.S. a new subscription service.

Announced Wednesday (June 16), the $99-per-year Tripadvisor Plus gives users discounts on hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide, with an average of $350 in savings each stay. The program also offers savings on things like tickets, tours and attractions, access to rental car savings and benefits with Hertz and personalized travel advice.

Tripadvisor says its research shows nearly three-quarters of vaccinated American travelers plan to travel this year for vacation, with 52 percent traveling domestically and another 22 percent heading overseas.

“These same travelers are looking to ‘up-level’ their travel experiences and maximize value on their trip,” Tripadvisor said in a news release. “However, ‘value’ can mean something different to every traveler. We all care about saving money, but in travel, saving money isn’t about keeping cash in your bank account; it’s about spending where it matters. It’s not about the lowest price or biggest discount; it’s about the best value on your terms.”

Meanwhile, Tripadvisor announced a partnership with Hertz that will give Tripadvisor Plus members discounts on Hertz and Dollar Car Rental base rates. In addition, Tripadvisor Plus members get a free year of Hertz Five Star elite status, which lets drivers ski the counter, get points toward free rentals and other perks.

Tripadvisor first announced plans for its subscription service in March as an effort to leverage the connections it had made with other hospitality players around the world to give customers a better travel experience.

“We’re looking to present an offering to our travelers that not only saves them money but gives them … a special experience,” CEO Steve Kaufer said at the time. “Everyone loves to feel like they are treated special, that they are delighted when they go traveling, not only by where they’re going, but how they are treated as a guest at a hotel or on the experience.”