I Scoured Joseph’s Summer Sale—These Are the Best Pieces

June 26, 2020 at 06:06AM

With summer sales currently in full swing, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype. Items are discounted significantly and every website seems to have a more enticing promotion than the last. Though, this year, I’ve made a deal with myself to resist the temptation and only invest in sale pieces I believe will truly stand the test of time. 

Enter Joseph, the British label known for making quality wardrobe essentials with a contemporary feel. From tailored blazers and linen skirts to knitted T-shirts and silk dresses, season after season, Joseph expertly crafts items that are sure to stay in your closet for years to come. And luckily, many of these forever favourites are currently included in the brand’s much-anticipated up to 50% off summer sale. 

Whether you’re in the market for timeless neutral shades like beige and white or you’re looking to add a splash of summer colour to your closet by way of tangerine orange and pastel purple, Joseph’s sale has something for both the minimalists and maximalists among us. From beach-ready cotton dresses to tailored trousers perfect for a return to the office, keep scrolling for our favourite investment pieces from the Joseph summer sale. 

Next up, the biggest S/S 20 fashion trends you need to know. 

Author Zoe Anastasiou | Whowhatwear
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6 Outfits That Will Make You Feel Like You’re on Holiday Even If You’re Not

June 26, 2020 at 06:00AM

We are living in unprecedented times, and while summer’s past might have brought with them the yearn to travel and the excitement of planned vacations, this year things are a little more uncertain. While we may not have tickets booked to tropical locations or plans for basking in the sunshine on a Mediterranean island, there’s no reason we can’t still make the most of our holiday wardrobes.

From bucket hats to basket bags and kaftans to maxi dresses, many of the items we consider hero pieces while vacation, tend to get neglected in our everyday lives. Though, this summer, without the promise of a vacation ahead, I’m advocating to change that notion.

Whether it be swapping your usual canvas shopping tote for the raffia bag you take to the beach or throwing an airy, cotton maxi dress on in the morning instead of your normal at-home attire, these small changes can help bring the holiday feeling home, proving you don’t need to save your favourite looks for special occasions. 

From brightly coloured co-ords to white jeans to tie-dye tees, below are six ideas for holiday outfits that will look just as good at home this summer. 

Style Notes: No matter what you’re wearing, if it’s accessorised with a bucket hat and a basket bag, you’ll look like you’re on holidays. Even for days spent picnicking in the park, these accessories are the ultimate summer staples. 

Style Notes: While Chrissy Rutherford may be wearing this Cult Gaia set on the beach, this outfit would provide vacation vibes wherever you choose to wear it. There’s something undeniably summery about a brightly printed co-ord, it’s the perfect no-hassle outfit for days spent exploring. 

Style Notes: A tiered maxi dress is the item that can take you from beach to dinner and beyond. Easily one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe (or suitcase), the dress adds an instant sense of ease—no matter where you wear it. 

Style Notes: There’s something about the colour yellow that immediately makes me think of summer. Whether it be a dress or jumpsuit, wearing this hero colour will always create a vacation-ready look. 

Style Notes: I’m far too clumsy to wear white jeans regularly in my everyday life, but when I’m on holidays, I make an exception. The style adds an instant summer feel. Bonus points if you pair it with a tie-dye T-shirt. 

Style Notes: Sure, it might seem counterintuitive to wear swimwear and a kaftan when you’re not actually near a beach or hotel pool, but as we’ve discovered this summer balcony sun-bathing might just be the next best thing. The light, airy fabric of a kaftan will also keep you cool in summer temperatures.  

Next up, the biggest S/S 20 fashion trends you need to know. 

Author Zoe Anastasiou | Whowhatwear
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I Found the Best Summer Sale Buys From & Other Stories, COS and Topshop

June 26, 2020 at 06:00AM

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent the last week desperately scrabbling through your wardrobe trying to find something appropriate to wear for the sweltering heatwave that descended on Wednesday. It’s cool yet comfy, work-ready yet easy to throw on. It’s much easier than it sounds, right? Well, luckily the weather shift has brought with it the summer sales, so there’s plenty of fab warm-weather staples to help you transition your style for the coming months. 

On Joy: Topshop Black and White Embroidered Chuck on Dress (£44)

We thought we’d start with three of our favourite fashion heavy-lifters: COS, & Other Stories and Topshop, all of which have so many winning buys lined-up in their discounted drops. Putting together our sales wish list, I made sure to include plenty of versatile basics that will stay fresh for many summers to come. Highlights include linen separates, utility jackets, throw-on jumpsuits and classic white tees—essentially, all you could ever need from July to August and onwards. 

So whether you’re looking for new pieces to add to your capsule or simply craving some style inspiration for a wardrobe sort-out, scroll down to see and shop the best of the summer sales.

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Author Joy Montgomery | Whowhatwear
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I’m a Modern Mystic–Here’s How I’ve Been Making My Skin Routine More Mindful

June 26, 2020 at 06:00AM

I might be a spiritual guide, meditation teacher and tarot reader but I know just how hard it can be to make time for self-care. With work deadlines, new TV to binge and hectic social lives (even if they’re only via outside spaces and FaceTime right now); slotting in practices like journaling, meditation or even a bath can feel tricky. 

So I decided to hack the system. When I’m not chatting all things self-care with my clients, I’m also a beauty writer. That means spending a lot of time applying things to my face. I realised that while I’m doing this I might as well add a dose of mysticism and mindfulness to my skin routine, to get benefits to both mind and skin. 

It’s not all hocus-pocus either, as studies looking at the mind-skin connection suggest that neuro-inflammatory conditions like acne, psoriasis and dermatitis can be aggravated or triggered by stress.

I’ve had clients come to me for stress-reducing tips and skin meditations to add to their routines as they work towards accepting the skin they’re in. 

If you want to make to make your skin routine more mindful, then keep scrolling for how you can make the time you spend in front of the mirror, really count.

Before you start your skincare routine, take a moment to set an intention and have a think about how you’re feeling right now. If you’re stressed out then your intention might be to feel more calm. If you’ve looked in the mirror and your inner critic has made an appearance, then you might want to focus on acceptance and kindness. 

You can’t change what happens outside of you, but you can certainly change what happens inside. Decide how you want your routine to make you feel and keep this intention in mind as you start to apply your products.

Start a skin journal to keep track of your feelings and thoughts around your appearance and to chart any changes you’re noticing in your skin. Journalling is also a really powerful practice for daily intention setting. 

One spritz of this lemon and lavender mist and you’ll be convinced that your walking into the bathroom of a 5* hotel. 

Create a mini beauty altar around your sink or wherever you do your skincare routine. If you’re feeling extra fancy or the mirror feels triggering to you, then you can take your post-cleanse products into your bedroom and do your routine there. 

You can light a candle, get some essential oils involved, smoke cleanse with herbs like rosemary and add some crystals to your space. Rose quartz, malachite and jade are ones that are well worth adding to your bathroom cabinet. If there’s a specific intention that you’re working with you can also use the crystal that corresponds with it.

The idea is to fill your space with tools that feel significant to you–to turn your routine into more of a ritual and get all of those stress-reducing benefits. 

This blend of calming essential oils will not only scent your space, but utilising the element of fire is a must for mystics. Doing your beauty routine by candlelight can also reduce some of the self-critical thoughts and skin examining that can happen with harsh lighting. 

If there’s one tool that can elevate your entire skincare experience, then a huge chunk of Amethyst will certainly do it. 

I’ve made my way through several tins of this, as I use it for smoke cleansing. Many popular herbs such as White Sage and Palo Santo are either severely over-harvested or appropriate sacred practices. So if you want to clear stagnant energy, light one of these, allow the smoke to pass through your space and set an intention for any energy that’s not in your highest and best to leave your space. 

We’ve all been there, rushing through our routine like we’re trying to get a personal best. While there’s skin benefits to waiting for each product to absorb and dry before moving on to the next one, slowing it down is also great for your mind. 

As you apply your skincare or make up, let the to-do list that you’re replaying in your mind slip away and try to be present. Treat each product like it’s the very first time you’re using it. Notice how it smells, pay attention to the packaging, the consistency, how it feels on your skin. Take it all in. 

When your mind starts to wander from the task at hand, you can find an anchor to keep you in the present moment. When a thought comes in, switch it out to either repeating an affirmation, based on your intention such as, “I am safe and I am well” or focus on your breath. 

These intention bracelets will give you a dose of nostalgia but also remind you of the intention you set when you see it throughout the day. 

There’s a reason why everyone in well-being uses the word breath in every other sentence. If there’s anything you want to keep in your self-care kit, this is it and all you need is yourself. 

As you make your way through your skin routine, keep checking in with your breath. For a simple breathing exercise, breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts, breathe out for four counts and hold again for four counts (if you’re pregnant refrain from holding the breath). 

You can also try repeating the word in as you inhale and the word out as you exhale. Breathing in through your nose and out through your nose, while you repeat the words in your mind. This is a great one if you need some extra focus. 

To supplement your breathing exercises and keep you grounded, add one of these refreshing rollerballs to your make up bag.

Need a reminder to slow down? This hourglass is perfect for timing mini meditations and moments of stillness. It’s also probably residing on your favourite interior designer’s mood board. 

When’s the last time you actually spent some quality time with your skin? Actually taking your time to notice how each product feels on your skin and just noticing how your skin feels underneath your fingertips. 

As you apply your face oil, again you can do this outside of the bathroom if you have more time, you’re going to really pay attention to your skin as you massage it in. 

Pour a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand, feel its texture, temperature, the weight and breathe in the scent. Then close your eyes and pat the oil in. As you massage the oil into your skin, you can spend some time in gratitude, thanking your skin for protecting you, for being the largest organ in your body, for being a barrier, repairing and regenerating itself and allowing you to touch and feel the beautiful things around you.

Keep following the breathing exercises as you massage in the oil and you can also repeat some more affirmations like, “I deeply and completely accept myself”. 

Nailing the mind-skin benefits with a blend of oils that serve as both mood boosters and skin saviours.

Finding an enjoyable oil that works for skin that’s prone to break-outs isn’t always easy. Enter, Good Skin–with a blend of soothing essential oils and prebiotics, it’s a great one to use for facial massages.  

Up next, a beginner’s guide to crystals. 

Author Giselle La Pompe-Moore | Whowhatwear
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38 Summer Pieces You’re Going to Fall in Love With

June 26, 2020 at 05:00AM

There’s no escaping the fact that this summer is a bit of a weird one. But with lockdown easing slightly, there are plenty of reasons to be joyful. We can now spend time in parks (socially-distanced, of course) and even with loved ones in gardens. Soon, pubs might actually be a possibility.

Still, at Who What Wear, we want to offer a bit of escapism, and while we’re all scaling back how much we’re shopping, whether for environmental, ethical or economic reasons, there are some items of clothing that are simply happy. I asked some of my favourite fashion people what they love for summer right now, and they all chose fun, pretty and colourful pieces. It’s not going to transport you to a BBQ with all your nearest and dearest, but it might put a smile on your face. 

London-based Eni always has an eye for super-cute styling. Whether it’s a bold green dress with loafers or an ice-cream hue outfit paired with bright-orange strappy sandals, there’s always inspiration to find on her Insta page. 

We are long-time fans of Ellie, aka Slip into Style, a fashionista from Martinique living in Paris. From Jacquemus to Réalisation, she always showcases the coolest French brands. That being said, she’s got an eye for finding expensive-looking pieces on the high street too⁠. Truly a woman after our own hearts. 

Nnenna’s wardrobe just makes us happy. We’ve already talked about how she’s a whiz with mixing prints and colours so it makes sense that she’d choose some of the funnest summer pieces around. 

Hello! Yep, it’s me. I used to be terrible with having bright colours in my wardrobe, but I’ve completely changed my mind. Now, it’s a real rainbow and I love it (case in point: the pictured red cardigan above). I’ve chosen pieces that I know will lift my spirit when I’m wearing them. 

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2020 fashion trends you need to know. 

Author Elinor Block | Whowhatwear
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12 Beautiful Basics That Will Make Your Wardrobe Feel Complete

June 26, 2020 at 05:00AM

Personal style is something that is always evolving, but one thing that will remain consistent are the classic basics that form the foundation in your wardrobe along the way. There comes a point in one’s style journey when basics no longer become the “boring” items in one’s closet but the necessities. 

Today, we are here to show you the 12 classic basics that can help when getting dressed each morning. While some of the 12 basics ahead might not look beautiful in nature, they are crucial for creating a beautiful and well-rounded look, no matter what season we’re in. From the perfect house dress to a white T-shirt, take the time to read through the classic basics that can make even the most disgruntled of wardrobes feel brand-new. 

If you’ve been searching for the perfect dress to wear indoors this summer, let me suggest a roomy maxi. The loose silhouette allows for maximum comfort while providing a more dramatic look when paired with short heels and a statement bag. It really is the dress that can do both. 

You might be wondering how lingerie can affect your personal feelings toward your wardrobe, but let me tell you it absolutely can. Having at least a few lingerie sets on hand can make you feel all kinds of put-together. Wearing matching lingerie sets is for no one but yourself, and you will be surprised how empowered you feel just by having this be the first thing you put on your body in the morning. 

Whether you’re wearing these easy slides around the house or looking for shoes that will complete any summertime look of your choosing, taking the time to find the perfect pair is worth it. Lucky for you, the work is already done down below. 

White summer dresses are a vibe, and there is no denying it. From milkmaid to simple camisole styles, having at least one go-to white summer dress on deck will ensure you are prepared for a plethora of summertime activities that may come your way. 

While ribbed tanks might not seem exciting to you on their own, they often serve as the gateway to a beautifully well-rounded look. Since this basic is one we tend to wear out, take this time to double-check the status of yours, and if it’s time to invest in a new one, we’ve got you covered. 

In a similar vein, the power of a white T-shirt can only shine if it is, well, white. And for the record, I think a crisp white tee is a beautiful sight indeed. 

Women have been wearing leggings as pants more and more throughout the past few months, and honestly, we’re into it. This comfortable and classic basic will always be in style, and thanks to the fashion girls on Instagram, we will officially never run out of ways to style them. 

This top is cool, right? But this section is actually about the pants. Pleat-front trousers are the answer to making any top or blouse look 10 times chicer, not to mention 10 times more expensive. 

Slip dresses are and have always been one of my favorite basics. This versatile dress can help you achieve multiple kinds of looks—from formal to extremely casual. 

Pearls are the definition of classic. While pearl necklaces might be trending right now, they are also the kind of basic that will always come in and out. 

Blazers are relevant year-round, and yes, even in the summer. Throw them over a bra top, ribbed tank, or a T-shirt for the perfect lightweight jacket solution. And from personal experience, there is not one blazer I have purchased that I regret buying. And that’s a fact. 

Last but not least, structured frame bags. Even if a purse is not the most frequented accessory in your arsenal at the moment, there will come a time when they will never leave your arm again. And when that time comes, equip yourself with a slightly vintage-inspired frame bag. This classic shape feels timeless but looks modern.  

Next up, the summer outfit ideas we love.

Author Lauren Eggertsen | Whowhatwear
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The 10 Lesser-Known High-Street Brands We’re Championing This Year

June 26, 2020 at 05:00AM

Although the big-name high-street brands (H&M, Mango, etc.) will always have a special place in my heart, there’s something exciting about coming across a lesser-known label. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying into the latest trending item, however, as all true fashion lovers will know, it can be easy to become disillusioned by the identikit ensembles that can come from sticking to the well-trodden path.

My solution? Take some time every few months to dig around online and discover some new brands. This will ensure that your wardrobe is kept fresh, diverse and individual, and help avoid the awkward outfit-clash moment. To save you time, I’ve scoured the internet and interrogated the Who What Wear team to find our top ten lesser-known affordable brands and their best new-in pieces. Prepare to smugly name-drop these labels next time you Whatsapp your fashion-loving friends.

If you’re hunting for directional wardrobe heroes, look no further than Damson Madder, the brand that aims to use more eco-friendly materials, including 100% recycled polyester, natural dyes and cotton from organic farms. I’ll be wearing the brand’s cotton maxi with chunky boots all season long.

Style Notes: We only recently came across the brand Pieces on ASOS, and were instantly won-over by their fun and versatile edit of wardrobe staples. At the top of our wishlist this season is the waist-tie utility and the frill collar mini dress.

Set apart by its tightly edited collection of premium-feeling affordable pieces, Kitri Studio is a Who What Wear fave. Only stocking limited quantities of each style, you can guarantee that you won’t see the same item on every other person on social media. The Gabriella dress was an instant sellout when papped on Charlotte Groeneveld at fashion week last year, so keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing.

Neon Rose is the UK-born brand you may have already spotted on ASOS. The statement prints, attention-to-detail and super purse-friendly price tags are some of the things we love. It offers cute co-ords and is a winner in the plus-size category (the brand goes up to a size 28). Neon Rose is quite the dream collection. 

Launched in 2014, Finery quickly shot to the top of fashion editors’ wish lists after releasing its first collection. While other brands might be tempted to follow fads, Finery has separated itself from the crowd by sticking to timeless designs, with the odd nod to a new-season trend—a surefire way to know that a dress will keep delivering season after season. 

Sézane is the little bit of Paris everyone needs in their wardrobe. The label began life as a vintage store on eBay but now produces retro-inspired, understated pieces that’ll easily slip into your capsule wardrobe—ideal if you’re looking for pieces that stand the test of time. I’ll be adding Sézane’s cool leather bags and midi dresses to my basket for now, and patiently wait until it’s time to snap up the amazing knitwear come autumn.

Created by our favourite Gallic It girl, Jeanne Damas, Rouje is in the market to deliver Parisian basics with a nostalgic twist—think flighty camisoles, flared jeans and button-up sundresses. An go-to for elevated staples, we’ll be buying one of the brand’s sellout floral dresses to wear with chunky sandals. What better way to achieve that illusive je ne sais quoi?

Describing its wares as “supersized basics with a clean, flawless aesthetic and silhouettes cut precisely for everyday success,” House of Sunny has become cool girls’ go-to affordable fashion brand. Now on its 12th collection, the brand offers up plenty of references to new-season trends, alongside artistic silhouettes and unfussy, unprinted fabrics (apart from the odd bit of gingham).

If you’re looking for key pieces to add to your wardrobe with a cool Scandi twist, then Gestuz is the brand for you. Launched in 2008, the Danish label has remained relatively unknown, but it is now available on ASOS so easily accessible for all. Expect great dresses, chic trousers and prints. 

Sister Jane is the London-based brand here for all your vintage-inspired fashion needs. Its eclectic selection of personality-packed pieces stands out from the high street’s identikit offering—think frou-frou blouses, printed maxi dresses and retro accessories. 

I came across Lost Ink years ago when I spotted a very cool blouse in a random corner of Debenhams (I still wear it all the time, FYI), but thankfully, it’s now a little easier to get hold of due to being stocked on ASOS. Wearable and trend-led without being “faddy,” Lost Ink should be the place you head to for classics with a twist.

Okay, so I know Oliver Bonas is hardly the most niche brand in the world, but I would hazard a guess that most fashion aficionados hit the website for home wear knickknacks rather than fashion. However, I recently found that the brand offers so many winning buys. Shop my faves below.

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Promo Image: @nicoleocran

Author Joy Montgomery | Whowhatwear
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We’re Beauty Editors, and These Are the Products We Actually Buy

June 25, 2020 at 06:30PM

As a beauty editor, I receive a lot of beauty products for free. It’s kind of part of the job. In order to keep up with the constantly growing market, it’s really important to have as much experience with a large variety of products as possible. While we beauty editors are by no means skin, makeup or hair experts, we are product experts. And that’s our job.

In order to offer up the best advice on foundationmoisturiser or even hair dye, really we need to have tried the product out for ourselves. Because at the end of the day, if it’s a total flop, we’re not going to want to recommend it. It makes sense then that our beauty routines are rarely constant. Most days require trying something new and swapping one product out for another. And although it is great to get to experience so much, it makes it hard when you come across one product you really, really love.

So although there’s no doubt that we have an abundance of new products at our finger tips, what we don’t have is a free product hotline that allows us to reorder products we really love without having to, you know, actually part with some money. And in a weird way, for a beauty editors to actually buy a product, I believe said editor has to love something more than a non–beauty editor might. Why buy a new serum when you have another five waiting on the shelf? Because you simply can’t imagine your routine without it—that’s why.

To get insight into the items we beauty editors simply can’t imagine being without, I reached out to some of my fellow eds for the products they insist on buying themselves, and this is what they had to say.

“I literally just ordered another one of these. It’s the easiest, no-fuss mask for when the dehydration lines on my forehead get out of control. It has the consistency of a heavy (gel-like) cream, and when my skin is really dry, it drinks this up. In fact, this might be the third tub I’ve got through.”

“I discovered these eye masks on holiday in Tokyo a few years ago, and I bought as many as I could possibly squeeze into my suitcase back with me. Essentially, they look like a sanitary towel (with ear hooks), so not in the least bit glamorous, but when you put them on, they gradually heat up, and honest to god, these give me the best night sleep. (I wear mine with my regular eye mask over the top for maximum light blocking.) After I finished my Japan stash, I thought I’d never have a good night’s sleep again, until some of my Instagram followers told me they were now sold in Superdrug. They’re more expensive than in Japan, but I bought three boxes before lockdown hit, and safe to say I’ve gone through them all.”

“If you know me, you’ll know that I have an unhealthy obsession with buying KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics products. I blame it on the ‘hard-to-find’ appeal. (I just love a makeup chase.) I have bought three of these. It’s the best contour product I have ever used. Kim said she designed it to make contouring an easy, non-scary option for everyone, and she nailed it. It’s so easy to scribble on your face, and it blends out like the definition of a dream. It makes me feel like I have Mario Dedivanovic in my pocket at all times.” Editor’s Note: Although KKW Beauty does offer international shipping, please note that your ordered items are subject to additional duties, customs and tax charges.

“I admit I am a concealer obsessive. I tend to wear a very minimal base every day, so my search for the perfect all-serving concealer has been thorough. This Estée Lauder number is medium coverage but creamy so you can blend it easily to cover any pesky spots or areas of redness. It’s long-wearing, never creases under my eyes, and the radiant effect is thanks to the camelina oil that gives my skin a fresh finish. As soon as I run out, this will be straight into my online basket.”

“This was the first Aēsop skincare product I tried, and I was immediately hooked. It is a real gem for sensitive types. I love a cream cleanser so that my skin never dries out. This Purifying Facial Cream contains white clay to really clean your skin of makeup, pollution and any buildup of oil. The botanicals such as chamomile bud are rich in fatty acids so my skin is left supple post-wash. I am on my second tube and will keep repurchasing to keep my skin happy and clear.”

“Toner, that often-forgotten step, has really helped to rebalance my skin’s pH level, therefore keeping my breakouts at bay. This toner from Jalue is my secret find. It doesn’t strip your skin, and the rose, neroli and willow bark help to rid any last bits of dirt left on the surface of your skin. While the added golden ingredient that is hyaluronic acid refreshes and hydrates, giving you a real glow. It’s a little pricey but being 200 ml, the price per dribble is definitely worth it.”

“I’m pretty well-known for my soft lips; you can poll the men I’ve dated and the friends who always question why mine never seem to chap. I think some of it is rather annoyingly down to a few hard-to-replicate variables such as genetics and what have you, but I have this balm to thank for 95% of my famed lip texture. “It’s seen me through 10-hour flights, blizzards and unexplained lockdown-induced dryness. The packaging says it’s an overnight lip treatment, but it works within moments. It’s basically the equivalent of a deep conditioner but for lips.”

“I’m ashamed to say this, but I only got my eyebrow game together a few years ago. My sparse, growth-resistant brows didn’t encourage me to spend much time on them, but as soon as I tried this, I felt like I’d reached something akin to a transcendent state.  “The superfine pencil allows me to re-create brow hairs with precise strokes that look natural and don’t budge. I got fed up of faffing around with brow pomades and gels, and using this has cut down both the time I’d spend trying to figure my eyebrows out and the stress too. I usually buy two at a time out of fear that I’ll lose one or even worse that it gets discontinued.” 

“It sounds hyperbolic, but this serum is great skin, bottled. Bear with me on how it works. Its hero ingredient is reishi mushroom extract, which encourages the formation of new Langerhans cells and enhances the function of existing ones. Langerhans cells are immune cells that are activated in response to external cell damage and UV light. Essentially, they’re your skin’s first line of defence, so arming them is key to preventing damage. Yet their real pièce de résistance is that they help defend the skin against internal damage such as stress so that it can’t have such an impact on your complexion. It’s akin to starting your day with a relaxing yoga class so you’re ready to work calmly and bat off stress. Honestly though? You won’t care about how the science works; you’ll be too busy admiring the results.”

“I must get sent new mascara launches weekly, and yet nothing even comes close to this lash lengthener. For me, it’s the brush. The bristles are perfectly positioned to comb through my lashes without clumping. Ever. Two coats and my tiny mole eyes go from zero to hero.”

“In my eyes, this tinted moisturiser can do no wrong (apart from possibly extending the shade range). It’s perfection. The coverage is sheer but buildable, and the finish is dewy but never shiny. I can apply it slap-dash with my fingers, and in 30 seconds look considerably better than I did before. I mean, what more could you want from a tinted moisturiser? I will repurchase this until my dying day.”

“In an effort to try and moisturise my body every single day, I’ve amassed quite a stockpile of products to try. And while I’m all for an over-the-top, ultra-luxurious body product, I needed something I could easily top up (without spending my entire weekly food shop budget) if I’m to make this moisturising thing a habit. The Body Shop British Rose Body Yoghurt has a gel-cream formula meaning it soaks into the skin fast, and I adore the light rose scent. I also religiously buy the British Rose Body Wash, too.”

“I’m constantly switching up my skincare all in the name of, well, my job. But there’s one product that will always take front-row seat in my bathroom cabinet, Medik8 Breakout Defence and Age Repair. The oil-free serum contains copper PCA, niacinamide, and beta-glucan to help reduce blemishes and combat congestion, while simultaneously improving the appearance of fine lines. It’s a little tube of magic. Oh, and a little goes a long way, which means a single tube will last you for months.”

“Huda Beauty always comes through with the eye shadow palettes. This one is truly a classic that I will likely keep purchasing. It’s pocket-size with all my main everyday colours and rich in pigment. What more could you ask for? I use the shade Rich.”

“Pricey, but it does things to my lashes that I didn’t know my lashes could do. One minute they’re naked; next, they’re long and voluminous. *Eye flutter.* “

“I love concealer. Mostly because I really need it. I have dark under-eye circles, and I have spent my whole life trying to find ways to cover them up. A few years ago, I came across this. Because I’m all about the glow, the word matte put me off, but upon swatching it, I saw that actually it was probably just what I needed. Easy to apply, this stuff melts into the skin and covers just about anything, all while leaving a natural finish. I refuse to be without a pot, not now, not ever.”

“Long before I was a beauty editor, I religiously purchased this unisex cologne every year, so why would I suddenly stop? Like fresh orange and grapefruit but with a deep woody, leather base that makes people stop you in the street, this cult fragrance will always be front and centre of my perfume collection, alongside its sister (or brother if you’d prefer) scent, Colonia Essenza.”

“Anyone who knows me knows that I feel really passionately about luxe bath products. If a bath product doesn’t make me feel like a million pounds, then I simply don’t want to hear about it. The reason that my bath-and-body product bar is set so high is because I was introduced to this stuff so early on in my career. It’s a £41 bubble bath, which seems absolutely ridiculous, but I challenge you to buy a tub of Honey Bath and not go back for another. Every scent is as great as the next, and I recently got Who What Wear UK editor Emma Spedding onto this stuff too. I think she’s grateful, but a £41 love affair with a bath soak is definitely an expensive one.”

“Not only do I appreciate its formulation of 12% ascorbyl glucoside (the stablest and most water-soluble derivative of vitamin C), which is scientifically proven to block free radicals and pollution, but its texture is loveable and lightweight, too. And unlike other vitamin C serums, it doesn’t smell like hot dogs, rather a glass of fizzy orange. Did I mention my skin is noticeably brighter immediately after applying? What’s not to love?”

“From gel nails and pedicures to removing unwanted hair, I’m always up for the challenge of trying beauty treatments out at-home. I feel foolish paying for something I can do myself. Elyure Dybrow has been a mainstay in my beauty stash since 2015. The tinting kit, which costs around a fiver, grants me full defined arches in 10 minutes flat. Instructions are simple, it’s foolproof, and it allows me to wear less makeup and still look put-together.”

“There are a handful of products I always ensure I have a backup of, and Glossier’s Lash Slick mascara is one of them. Sure, new mascaras are often introduced into the mix, but I couldn’t be without Lash Slick. The tubing mascara does a fine job of separating, lengthening and volumising my lashes without a smudge in sight. Its effect is customisable. I find you can build masses of volume by waiting a few seconds between every other coat or so. And it comes off easily. It just washes off. I’m obsessed.”

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Author Shannon Lawlor | Whowhatwear
Selected by CWC