Zilliant Upgrades B2B Commerce Software

Zilliant Upgrades B2B Commerce Software

May 19, 2021 at 12:14AM

Zilliant, a software firm that helps firms tackle pricing and sales challenges, unveiled upgrades to its artificial intelligence (AI)-based price management, price optimization and sales offerings, according to a Tuesday (May 18) announcement.

Greg Peters, the president and CEO of Zilliant, said in the announcement that the company’s completely cloud-native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system has a “track record of success” in assisting its clients with implementing their business strategies and harnessing their data in a smarter fashion.

“Rapid innovation to solve the breadth of pricing and commercial challenges our customers face is foundational to Zilliant,” Peters said in the announcement.

Innovations built upon a price optimization product called Price IQ include quicker optimization run times and better elasticity forecasts. And, with an improved price manager, new functionalities let clients handle inflationary pressures better.

Furthermore, new rebate management functionalities let clients set up, control and determine accruals, sign clients up for rebate programs and proactively move client-specific rebate actions to sales workers and quantify the effect with closed-loop monitoring.

In addition, innovations build upon current functionalities to allow for pricing that changes due to occurrences in the market like competitive price moves, real-time cost changes and evolving inventory positions.

The company also announced “enhanced integration capabilities.”

Zilliant Senior Vice President of Products and Science Pete Eppele said that the company provides “the highest ROI and fastest time to value, which is a direct reflection of our next generation price optimization capabilities, as well as our newly-released Campaign Manager solution.”

Zilliant says that its software allows for profitable expansion by changing how its clients harness data to price and sell through traditional channels in addition to online ones.

As PYMNTS reported in October, Zilliant is teaming with SAP on helping distributors maximize pricing and client experiences.

“We’re thrilled to announce this important SAP partnership and collaboration with the SAP Wholesale Distribution Business Unit to help distributors master a true price optimization approach and easily respond to rapidly changing business dynamics and market changes,” Peters said in an October announcement.